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They use the white board for collaborative painting as well as with pens. Sing the song when it is raining outside and watch the raindrops rolling down the windows… intended learning - find out about the weather; Link art and design to physical development - use a model spider to role play the song and use your hands to raise the spider then let him fall, before climbing up again… intended learning - develop gross motor control and hand eye coordination.

We actually have a mum now who replenishes the stuff on it once a week which is useful. I hope you have found these examples useful. Support them to remember to look after their cat or dog each time they come to you For more ideas and ways of supporting boys in their mark making journey please get in touch.

They should think about all the things they need to keep the cat or dog healthy, including a bowl for food and water, a brush, a blanket etc. When children have found their favourite PSED let them print it themselves and use it in a big teddy display that you can make together… intended learning - technology Link maths to physical development - Enjoy a healthy birthday party food Can the children do a penguin shuffle holding a ball on the tops of their feet?

Physical development - PD Physical development is one of the prime areas of learning. If the children want to do chalking then they take the box of chalks and chalk on the ground or the board.

All my e-books are available on my Knutsford Childminding website. Now decide how old the children think teddy is. It is important that writing is seen to be something that all children should enjoy.

Opportunities for the application of phonics is important especially in the outside learning area where boys will say and do more.

That is not what their sessions with you should be about and you will be wasting your time as they will be mostly disinterested.

Engaging Boys in Writing in the EYFS

Literacy Literacy is one of the specific areas of learning and development. Now stick them onto different plates — 1 healthy eating plate decorated with a big, white smile and 1 unhealthy eating plate decorated with blackened teeth… intended learning - use crafts to promote healthy living.

Complete Writing Area

Do not waste your time writing complicated plans about themed activities for little ones. Your EYFS provision needs to be a place where all children are encouraged to mark make and all attempts at mark making should be engaging and valued.

EYFS areas of Learning & Development

Make sure children understand that the treats are special occasion food… intended learning - healthy eating; Link maths to art and design - encourage the children to make a birthday card or design a present for teddy.

He has no fingers, he has no toes, But goodness, gracious, what a long nose! Share this post Do you need help with your Early Years Foundation stage? Encourage them to share home stories with the group The other movements children can copy to be like penguins are slides on their tummies down the slide maybe?

What do they know about penguins? There needs to be plenty of different opportunities for self-initiated learning activities which encourage boys to write. Is your writing area very accessible and equipped well with everything they need to make signs etc, pieces of card, paperclipboard, scissors, sellotape, We use a trolley, an old P.

Offer students the chance to read beyond the textbook. Plenty of talking opportunities should be provided to encourage boys to talk about what they are doing, why they are doing it, what resources they are using etc.

Have small groups of students read and discuss a handful of different texts with complementary or contrasting views on a question or issue from your content area differing points of view on the American Revolution; multiple reviews of a book, film, piece of music or art; sections of a chapter that can be understood independently.

This will encourage them to be active, after which you can discuss how it is good to use energy and drink more water as a result It is available from my website.

A mixture of carefully planned themed activities that you know will interest the children; 6. Activity idea - penguins Understanding the world - Explore warm and cold by using some ice cubes in warm water in the messy tray.The Old School, New Hey Road, Outlane, Huddersfield HD3 3YJ.

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Reading with Purpose in the Content Areas

I love Twinkl, it's a "one stop shop" for all my teaching needs, whether it be lesson resources, teaching units, assessment tools or classroom displays. A set of 8 pencils displaying key writing words such as sentences, punctuation and capital letters.

- FREE primary school teaching resources, including FREE to download classroom display resources for Early Years (EYFS), KS1 and KS2 including stickers, posters, wordmats, signs, roleplay ideas and much much more!

- A Sparklebox alternative. A comprehensive guide for teachers to assist them in delivering Modelled Writing Sessions in KS1. A colourful display banner for your maths area. This resource helps to make the areas of your classroom clearly defined.

An essential for the Early Years classroom.

Writing area resources eyfs areas
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