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The chief surgeon, an expert in organ-transplant procedures, took her nephew on a hospital tour. In this case the writer should break up this information to multiple sentences. For example, the following gerund phrase is the subject of a sentence: The English language is full of them: It often looks like a non-restrictive appositive but it does not have any punctuation to set it apart.

My favorite place, the English building, is located on the Quad, a grassy square in the middle of the campus. My friend, Shari, plays tennis. And an appositive can END a sentence.

Teaching appositives Sentence variations play an important role in writing. The garage, a danger zone, is filled with tools, bags of used clothing, boxes of papers, stacks of old magazines, and countless other piles of junk. Daisy, the dog that lives next door, barks at the mailman.

The first example also implies that I have more than one friend. What is an Appositive Phrase? In this sentence, a dash punctuates the appositive phrase. They look like present participle -ing or past participle -ed or -en verb forms.

Billy, an ill-tempered child, threw a tantrum at the store. Needing donations for the church bake sale, the committee called Mrs.

What is an appositive?

Tom explained rappelling as we clambered up Half Dome. A verbal looks like a verb but does not act like a verb. The second example implies that I only have one friend and that her name is Shari. Grunting and snuffling noisily, the bear reached on tiptoe for our suspended food bags.

Therefore, no commas are needed. Like appositives, absolute phrases are set off from the rest of the sentence by commas. You are probably familiar with prepositional phrases--they begin with prepositions, end with nouns or pronounsand they describe, or modify, a particular word in the sentence: As a result, a gerund can never function as a verb, but it can do anything another noun can do.

An overpowering fragrance, apple trees in blossom, drifted through the open window. The following gerund phrase is the object of a preposition: Bertram works at La Petite Restaurant.Rob [email protected] ultimedescente.com Page 1 APPOSITIVES WORKSHEET Part 1: Combine the sentences into one sentence with an appositive.

1. My mother lost her favorite ring. other phrases: verbal, appositive, absolute A phrase is a group of words that lacks a subject, a predicate (verb), or both. The English language is full of them: under his supervision, apple trees in blossom, having completed the soccer season.

Appositive Worksheets

Grammar tips: Teaching appositives Sentence variations play an important role in writing. They can add interest and variety to a composition, improve rhythm, or help you trim wordy sentences.

appositives that are used. A. The California coastline is the longest of all the states. B. The California coastline is a national treasure. _____ A. The sick elephant attacked its trainer.


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The sick elephant is the one in the third cage. San José State University Writing Center Written by Sarah Andersen Revised September Appositives What is an appositive? An appositive is a noun1 that immediately follows and renames another noun in order to clarify Appositives immediately follow a noun; an appositive will always help to identify the noun.

Appositives Can Be Nouns, Noun Phrases, or Noun Clauses. Appositives always further identify a noun or pronoun in the sentence.

What is an Appositive? Definition, Examples of Appositive Phrases

And an appositive can be more than just a single noun. Appositives can be a single word or a multiple-word noun phrase. Example of a.

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Writing appositives
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