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Read a longer description about what to expect at border control.

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See why Summer Teasers A Shortlist What could be better than savouring Greek tidbits, at a seaside taverna, after a day at the beach, swimming and enjoying water sports? If a young person arrives at border control alone, the immigration officer may ask for proof of the relationship between them and any adult s meeting them after they cross the border.

In general, you can expect a decision for a short stay visit tourist visa is about 8 weeks after your documents are received. It does not give you permission to enter the country. There is plenty of choice when it comes to restaurants in Whitby and the idyllic towns and villages along the Heritage Coast.

Property If you own or rent property in your country of residence, type or write a description of it and include it with your application. For example, you should bring copies of documents from your application with you when you travel.

You must include the original Death Certificate of the deceased parent Visit to the tourist place you applying for more than one young person, include the original Death Certificate in one application and a photocopy in each other application If you are applying for a young person where one parent has sole custody: If you have questions, contact us.

Submit a separate online visa application and separate application documents for you and the young person If your plans are the same, you may use a photocopy of the same letters, accommodation plan and finance plan for the young person If your plans are different, you must provide separate documents If you are applying for more than one young person: Appeal a visa decision You can appeal a negative visa decision at no cost.

To do so, you should provide: This allows the immigration officer to make a decision and protects the safety of young people. To do so, type or write a description of your family including: You must include the original Court Order that granted sole custody to the parent concerned If you applying for more than one young person, include a separate Court Order for each individual young person as appropriate Submit your documents When you are satisfied that you have prepared your application documents, put them into a strong padded envelope and send them to your application office.

Latest articles from Visit Whitby What is Whitby jet? You must also include the original letter sent to you by the authorities that refused your application. Here are ten reasons to fall in love with Crete. Many flock to Whitby for its boutique shops and quirky streets, where you will find unique Whitby jet jewellery and other fascinating items.

A trip to Whitby would not be the same without climbing the steps to Whitby Abbey, counting as you go, and exploring the beautiful ruins which tower over the town. If you are making a visa application for yourself and another person, you may send them together.

Superb seafood restaurants are scattered along the coastline, serving exquisite meals using locally caught produce purchased from the local fish market.

You can be refused entry even if you have a visa. Two new art exhibitions at Athens International Airport Athens International Airport AIA continues its long and successful collaboration with the Benaki Museum in Athens by hosting two great art exhibitions that opened their doors to airport passengers and visitors in early summer this year and will be on display until 31 December Your application for an Irish visa will be refused if you do not include information about past visa refusals.

It is a feeling that is difficult to understand unless experienced but once visited you are surely compelled to come back and you may even want to stay forever.

Name, address, phone number, website and email of the place you are studying, eg school, college, institution Name of the course you are attending and how long it will last Proof you have reserved a place on the course, eg reservation confirmation email Accommodation plan confirmations, for example: Kouros from life With her new series of paintings, Alexandra Michali attempts to capture aspects of Greek art from the treasures of the National Archaeological Museum through a contemporary lens.

Athens Multimation Athens Multimation is a new polymorphous festival for the utopias, mythologies and realities of Athens, that is organized from 11 September to 31 December A letter from your school or college that states: Proof you will return home You must include proof that you will leave Ireland when your visit ends.

Border control conditions for young people aged under 18 Anyone aged under 18 should have copies of documents used in their visa application when travelling, eg parental letter of consent. Applications for young people aged under 18 A visa application for a young person aged under 18 should be made by their parent or legal guardian.

After you apply When we receive your application, we will check that you have included: Contact your application office as listed on your application summary sheet to find out if you need to provide biometric information and how to do so.

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An extension will not be granted for any non-emergency or foreseeable reason, eg for additional tourism. The towns and villages around Whitby are also great places to enjoy a well deserved break.

Website if appropriate You must also include: Just click the download link below. You must leave the country before your permission expires.Gotland is a place full of opportunities, a place to explore, a place to relax. It is a place for exciting encounters, between land and sea, between the past and the present but also between people enjoying each other's company.

If you are looking for travel inspiration, has everything you need to know.

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Visit to the tourist place
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