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The Foggara is a collective proprety belongs to several owners, the water is subject to a sharing between subscribers, and each receives a share of water in relation to its contribution.

In this case the booming sound of an engine is thought to relate specifically to the engine harmonics. - Robtex

ANNs were developed for the prediction of the Sludge Volume Index using influent quality parameters and operating parameters of Batna Wastewater Treatment Plant from to The work carried out missions in the yearsand revealed to the population of Timimoun that the imput of modern water capture such as pumps and wells have caused the disappearance of traditional methods of watershed with the including the disappearance of certain occupations such as the Kial el Ma.

It has also been used in the calculation of a sensory pleasantness metric and an unbiased annoyance metric [1]. The Foggara system is based on a gallery of slightly sloping conveying the groundwater to the surface. This is then divided by the total loudness N: The results demonstrate the ability of the appropriate Neural Network models for the prediction of SVI.

Low frequency tone Sharpness has been used to partially quantify sound quality in examples such as measuring engine noise, and some domestic appliances such as vacuum cleaners and hair dryers.

Booming is a useful metric in the automobile industry [4, 5]; it is used to partially quantify the sound quality of engine noise.

Currently there is only about 10 Kial el Ma in the Timimoun region.

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However, sharpness is a metric which has not yet been standardised. Consequently there are several methods to calculate the metric including: So booming can be considered to be the opposite of the sensation of sharpness.

From this the fundamental frequency and harmonics can be determined and the loudness of these calculated. The Foggara system is This provides a very useful tool that can be used by WWTP operators in their daily management to increase treatment process performances and WWTP reliability.

The booming index can then be calculated by weighting these low frequency elements using the following weighting function fig 4 and comparing them with the loudness in the rest of the spectrum: The sum of these weighted partial moments is calculated.2EPH Batna, Algeria Abstract: Sixty six broiler chickens (Ross ) 60 day of age were selected according to their average body weight ( g) from broiler flock.

The method of calculating the booming index is similar to that of calculating sharpness. However, booming is a measure of the low frequency content of a sound rather than high frequencies; the greater the proportion of low frequencies the greater the ‘booming’ sound.

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Thesis Title: " Contribution of Fuzzy and Possibilistic Techniques to Quantitative Analysis of Industrial Risks ". Supervisor: Professor R. NAIT-SAID. HSE Supervisor ENTP Drilling & WorkOver University of Batna State Engineering Degree in Health and Occupational Safety State Engineering Degree in Health and Occupational Safety.

therefore only one value of the index of refraction (or dielectric function) is calculated. thesis dealt exclusively with reflection ellipsometry. The change in polarization, as measured by an ellipsometer, is Ex Dz(5) H] B.

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Thesis univ batna dz index
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