The story of stuff paper

For part of their experiment, they used the campus cafeteria at University of Basle as a case study, measuring the difference of paper cup use before and after educating the student population about the environmental effects of paper cup consumption.

Or computers and email. The choices are endless.

All the key points belong in the news story, but only the most newsworthy belong in the intro. This is quite new, unusual, significant and about people - another key point: Because people homeless is more significant than 18 people slightly injured, let us take out f.

You will have in front of you a notebook or a tape with a record of one or more interviews which you have conducted. You just created a horror story. Create sentences using literary devices.

We can always use it later in the story to fill in details. Close your eyes, and use your other senses around you.

Here are a few you can try: The whole idea is to start getting the words The story of stuff paper. The one opportunity where a paper cup could be spared from the landfill has been taken up for the namesake of efficiency.

Let us do that: Take a childhood memory or a more recent memory, and write it. Pick your favorite classic tale, and rewrite it. Describe this character in full detail. The first thing that we want to do if we seriously want to solve this problem or crisis is to reduce the world population.

But not in the way Annie Leonard described it: To start, some materials like hemp and bamboo have faster regenerating rates than soft wood trees and have a lower environmental impact when harvested for production.

With some years of experience, you will find that you can recognise the most newsworthy aspect of a story almost without thinking.

From a straight money-savings equation, I would think that landfills would be the way to go. Also, the production process yields large amounts of nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and carbon dioxide. More significant and certainly more up-to-date is the fact that they warned the Solomon Islands government.

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We cannot possibly get them all in an intro so we must choose one, possibly two, which are the best combination of our news criteria.

The Papermaking Process, To do this, let us remind ourselves of the main criteria for news: Take some creative liberties with it, and make it fun. In other words, it is a global problem.

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Do the same thing with anything else you can think of. Computer technology does change fast. They were first alerted to the cyclone by radio broadcasts and police officers.

In our own community at The College of New Jersey, Eickoff Hall employs the company Aspretto, a subdivision of Sodexo, which provides all the paper cups used in our cafeteria. Distribution Because they are produced locally in the United States, the main method of transportation for paper cups in America is through trucking.

Pull the main character out, and insert yourself. Six people were killed.

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Attending college right now? Depending on the purpose of the paper, it could go to a coating machine where the surface is coated with a petroleum based, water resist film, allowing for liquids to be held in a cup with out it spilling out. Key points e and g are about the same fact, but e gives the details in fewer words and is therefore preferable for an intro.

Use a dream as inspiration. This sounds too much like "hit John in the face", so it may confuse our reader or listener. I strongly agreed with some points, strongly disagreed with others.In the “Story of Stuff”, the main idea was that corporations cared about one thing and one thing only, making the most money, even if that meant destroying human lives and destroying the planet.

There is more to indigenous literature than what's on paper, says an award-winning novelist. The Story of Stuff Project’s journey began with a minute online movie about the way we make, use and throw away all the Stuff in our lives.

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Five years and 40 million views later, we’re a Community ofchangemakers worldwide, working to build a more healthy and just planet.

The Story About Stuff Project Reaction Paper The video entitled “The Story About Stuff Project, and Free Range Studies – The Story of Bottled Water”, was very informative and interesting.

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The story of stuff paper
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