Sustainable event management

Checklist to a Sustainable Event

Last week saw a fantastic event hosted by our sister project SPONGE showcasing their sustainable water management tool,… 1 day ago businessonsea We are organising a free business workshop in Southend next week, and just wondered if you would lik… https: We work with the planet for positive, ethical and social outcomes, and provide a holistic recreational event experience that engages all stakeholders in a journey that will reduce environmental impact whilst having fun.

Carbon Sustainable event management And last but not least offset your carbon emissions produced by the event. Please contact CWE for clarification on any of these suggestions and or availability of services. Ensure your caterer addresses the following areas with each menu and their business as a whole: What is ISO and what does it mean to my event?

Yes, you can do anything you want! Where required reduce information within, ensure bag is durable to extend life and only offer to attendees when asked; Ensure your event uses electronic communication at every opportunity, this includes services like pod casting, web casting and video conferencing; Encourage the use of projected or electronic signage to reduce production; Ensure your event does not lay out pens and paper on tables for attendees.

Reviews "Every event is unique and organizers should analyze how it most effectively can contribute to global sustainable transition. ISO has just published a new standard to support the organizers of events of all types — sporting, business, cultural, political — in integrating sustainability with their activities.

Their heart and soul promoting ethical sustainability is in the right place too! Since then, other major sports events have also considered their environmental impact.

Sustainable Event Management

Are there many sustainable events in Australia? As a result, the organizers of the Sydney Games were honoured with the Global Award in for organizing the greenest games ever. The standard defines the requirements for a sustainability event management system to ensure an enduring and balanced approach to economic activity, environmental responsibility and social progress relating to events.

ISO is the International Standards Organisation, and standard refers is an internationally recognised set of criteria that an event needs to meet to attain that certification. Events also have the power to show sustainability in action and every sustainably produced event can inspire and motivate others to action.

The standard is relevant to all members of the event industry supply chain including organizers, event managers, stand builders, caterers and logistics suppliers.

This ensures that information is available to understand the effects of greening interventions e. We have the workshop for you! We have been very happy with the service provided to date; Muon Events offers a fresh and creative approach ensuring our events are professionally run and that formats, themes and speakers are fresh and thought provoking.

The International Olympic Committee IOC has acknowledged its particular responsibility in terms of promoting sustainable development, and regards the environment as the third dimension of Olympism, alongside sport and culture.

Baby steps are better than no steps.Sustainable Event Management is a collection of many practices the can be employed wholly or in part in an effort to reduce the impact of your event on the environment.

Muon Events is a sustainable events agency.


We provide event management services for businesses, whilst considering their environmental impact and carbon footprint. By carefully considering the impact of the venues that we choose, the materials that we use, the food that we serve and how we clean up after ourselves, we can create events that.

Meegan Jones has also written a very comprehensive guide on Sustainable Event Management. A Greener Festival is a not for profit organisation dedicated to improving sustainability at UK events through an award scheme.

The Sustainable Event Alliance has created a Global ISO Registry for all organisations, events and venues claiming conformity to ISO The register allows those that have undertaken a conformity assessment to log their details including scope of management system, date, audit level achieved, auditing body competency, and to upload a.

Sustainable Event Management is the act of managing events with respect to reducing their negative impacts on the environment.

What is Sustainable Event Management?

This negative impact could be direct pollution to the site of the event or indirect pollution to the entire world. ISO has just published a new standard to support the organizers of events of all types – sporting, business, cultural, political – in integrating sustainability with their activities.

ISOEvent sustainability management systems – Requirements with guidance for use, is suitable for.

Sustainable event management
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