Research paper on drug testing in schools

Drug testing is meant to protect students from the harmful effects and has been shown to deter drug use in a large percentage of those on whom it has been practiced. The national debate on drug testing in school [editorial].

Quality Education Data Inc; The Supreme Court originally reasoned that athletes can be drug tested because they are role models and can influence the drug culture of a school, and that drug use and athletics are a dangerous combination. Should students be drug tested at school?

But so do the societal costs of drug use, which -- like smoking -- almost always begins during the teen years. Accessed August 15, The accuracy and "minimally intrusive nature" of urinalysis tests are not refuted Board members at Antioch High, Illinois, provide an alternative theory.

Only about one percent use performance testing, such as walking in a straight line or having a person touch his nose with his finger1. Inthe Court ruled that it was legal for schools to randomly test student athletes Inthat ruling was expanded to included students who participate in a competitive extracurricular activity such as a marching band or chess club Once drug testing for student athletes was ruled constitutional by the Supreme Court, then U.

The ramifications of using these drugs are detrimental to both the individual and society as a whole. About eighty-two percent of companies use urine test, the most popular because they are inexpensive. These charges include promoting awareness and developing and supporting programs to impact drug utilization--which in turn have an impact on health, crime, education and the economy.

This includes taking measures to prevent tobacco, alcohol and drug use among students. Hanley assisted with data interpretation. There are many reasons that drug testing curbs drug use. This same logic was extended to extra-curricular activities.

Wahtonka principal, Merry Holland, was very pleased with the results; they continued testing once the study was completed. Ending a problem before it begins is a positive effect, especially when there is the chance that students might endanger themselves or others.

Random Drug Testing in School Research Paper Starter

About sixty-eight percent of companies do mandatory screenings before they hire a person, such as if they were a candidate for the job, rather than part of their application. All details of the test are kept strictly confidential.

It may be that the fear of being caught discourages kids from using. The argument that testing is an invasion of privacy and infringes on civil rights is easily discredited.

A brief introduction is followed by an expanded discussion on the positions of key stakeholders whose interests include economics, sports, academics, societal relationships, health care, the law, and the workplace.

While empirical research has shown that testing may have a favorable impact when implemented under certain circumstances, randomized controlled trials have also shown otherwise.Read this Social Issues Research Paper and over 88, other research documents.

Drug Testing.

Random Drug Testing in US Public School Districts

Drug Testing Although many people think that drug testing is a nuscience, it is essential to improve the workplace. Random Drug Testing in Schools Considering the increasing use of drugs among today’s youth, drug testing in schools /5(1).

Should students be drug tested at school?

Random drug testing in schools, the topic of this essay, is developing into a complementary method of drug abuse prevention, potentially more robust than education alone, given its invasive nature and tendency to publicly identify a. Drug testing in school is not about catching students who use drugs.

Rather, it is to prevent students from using it and to seek help for those that need it. Mandatory drug testing would be a way to ensure students’ safety and help them stay in school.

By requiring drug testing, students will have a reason to say no when being offered any. We estimated the proportion of the nation’s public school districts that have high school grades in which random drug testing is conducted. We collected data in spring from drug prevention coordinators in a nationally representative sample of school districts with schools that have high school grades; of these districts, 14% conducted random drug testing.

Random Drug Testing in Schools Considering the increasing use of drugs among today's youth, drug testing in schools has become necessary. The ramifications of using these drugs are detrimental to both the individual and society as a whole.

Below is an essay on "Drug Testing in Schools" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Should schools be allowed to drug test students?

No it should not.

Research paper on drug testing in schools
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