Postcards from pluto writing activity for first grade

She will pair up students, and give a particular planet to each pair. The students may work individually or with a partner. Because both of these are necessary to the assignment, each would be making an important contribution to the project. The student will conduct research on a particular planet.

In order for us to learn about these characteristics, we will need to research. The student should have basic knowledge of the solar system.

Fifth Grade Writing Worksheets and Printables

The teacher will explain that the students will work in pairs to research the nine planets. Space factbooks and informational books Microsoft Encarta. To accomodate special needs students, the class would be grouped and arranged a little differently.

She will explain that each planet has very different characteristics. They can choose a name for the newscast and a station channel as well. The teacher will ask students to name some different ways to research a subject.

Rather than both students working on finding facts and decorating the set equally, one student would do more research on written facts, while the special needs student would find pictures of the planet and decorate the set to match the pictures.

Instructional Materials and Resources: Internet, books, Encarta, professionals in that field.

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The student should be familiar with a newscast, as seen on television. She wil see their findings include basic information about that planet as well as interesting tidbits. The student will write a persuasive paragraph for a particular planet. The student will work with his partner to research thier planet.

The student will join the teacher in the discussion of the planets and express what he already knows. The student should be able to research a given subject. They will present in the form of a television newscast as though they are natives of that planet. The teacher will assist students in their research over the next week.

What the Teacher Will Do: What the Children Will Do: The workload will be evenly divided. She will pass around books that contain pictures of the planets.

She will help them find information and help with costumes and scripts. She will tell students that they will find out as much as they can about their planet, then present it to the class.Fifth grade writing worksheets open up a world of words to your student.

For help with all aspects of fifth grade writing, check out our large selection below. try these fun pretend postcards instead for an exercise in creative writing!

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Postcards from Pluto

Like those popular titles, Postcards from Pluto provides easy-to-understand information in a memorable format. Six lucky kids are off on a guided tour. In this lesson plan, middle school students will study the defining characteristics of Pluto.

Students will read a text lesson, discuss the IAU. In this activity, students read sample postcards from various Olympic events and use a color pencil to shade the simile or metaphor on each postcard.

FREE postcard template to use as a writing activity to go along with your study of Brazil.

Postcard from Pluto Planet Writing

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Is Pluto a Planet?

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Postcards from pluto writing activity for first grade
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