Keeping the gospel alive in the hearts of people

I have a number of points to give you, but it looks like it is going to take another sermon to do so. Traveling with creatives makes for entertaining experiences for sure!

This book, brethren, was written to the Ephesian era of the church, and there is a lot of meat in it for those of us who are now in the Laodicean era which bears a great number of similarities with the Ephesian era. The inference there is so strong that it cannot be avoided. Verse 16 is an appeal to God that we might be strengthened by Christ, and then verse 17 provides the purpose for the appeal.

Good things happen to bad people, and as Solomon said, "They go to their grave in peace. He that abides in me, and I in him, the same brings forth much fruit: The better we try to be, the worse things go.

Jesus did not call one disciple but 12 because there is a need of companionship in the journey of spiritual growth.

The key to a heart that is motivated at work is grounded in the knowledge that God is in control. It is not the means of hearing that is my concern, but rather the intensity of the seriousness with which we hear.

It fits right within His purpose. First of all, feed your soul. It is a departure from loving Him.

7 Encouraging Bible Verses About The Heart

Are we not supposed to be blessed by God? Explain the thoughts behind that song. What was bearing on those people in the book of Galatians that Paul would say such a thing?

Well, that is what we hope anyway. It takes proper nourishment of fertilization and watering to keep the plant growing. When our hearts are set on heaven, we can rise above the problems of the world and in our life.

Jim Brady Trio – Keeping Hope Alive

What is contained within that direction Paul gives in that instruction is his telling us it is not impossible to re-direct our energies and feelings. So much for the Eternal Security doctrine.

It is another thing to stop growing. I am saying that is good. You might know the answer if you know what is in Colossians the second chapter. It is a desertion, an abandonment, not from an enormous large body of people or even from a number of beliefs, but from a singular Being—our Savior.

Be honest with your spiritual condition. Accept Him as Lord and Savior and He will supply all your needs: God is not asking that we merely believe what Christ did. Let us go back to the book of Colossians as we begin to turn this toward what we have to do.

But because of human nature, unless one is careful, the neglect or the deviations can quickly become habits themselves. Let me amplify verse 12 in part. We think that we are, we will say, generally good.

I had an office. Divorces occur when people stop thinking about each other in the way they did when they were courting.

Romans 12:11-13

This of course takes place out in the wilderness. It has taken me a long way to get around to this, but this is our responsibility in this love relationship. Having peace allows believers to continue to go through hardship and painful situations without regret.

Why then did James write that "Faith without works is dead"? Meeting this requires effort on our part.Romans Never let the fire in your heart go out.

Keep it alive. Serve the Lord. When you hope, be joyful. When you suffer, be patient. When you pray. As president of Proverbs 31 Ministries, Lysa and her staff are passionate about teaching the Word of God in ways that get people excited to live the Bible out loud.

With their First 5 app and Encouragement for Today devotions, millions of people are studying God's Word every day with Lysa and her team. sermon: Keeping Love Alive (Part 1) Contributing Toward A Good Relationship With Christ John W.

Ritenbaugh we need to have Christ dwelling in our hearts at all times. Topics: Keeping Love Alive (Part 1) Keeping Love Alive (Part 2). “KEEP THE FIRE BURNING” By Pastor YAU.

Even if you are there in the class, your heart is wondering somewhere else. You lose the desire to learn, to know and to follow God’s word. That sincere faith when you first committed yourself to God needs to be kept alive.

We may lose faith in people. But can never lose faith in our God.

Roughly 90% of the people at the church I attend now are cold, formal, hardened in their hearts and self centered. Had a mild incident last night at a function with a lukewarm believer and her mother.

How To Keep The Fire Burning Luke 39 And when all the people saw it, they fell on their faces: and they said, The LORD, he is the God; Keep Burning With A Heart Filled To Capacity With The Spirit (Verse 49) This verse makes reference to Acts 2—note the fire there!


Does the Sunday Gospel Feel Like a Two-Edged Sword That Pierces Your Heart?


Keeping the gospel alive in the hearts of people
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