Jatropha farming business plan

To be very honest we lost around 25lakhs of riupees so far and shamelessly I charge no Govt have ever attended sincerely towards this Biodiesel Industry. Mostly shade loving and short duration crops are suitable for inter-cropping. Jatropha is a hard plant and it has short gestation period when compared to other oil seed crops.

Even today there are companies who prohibit as if they have planted in millions of acres of land but not in realsitic means. The vengence is on For Sheep and Goat Farming Business: Do you have an exit strategy?

If my feedstock is cheaper, or more plentiful than yours, I can crush your brand new patent pending reactor with a 55 gallon drum and a canoe paddle.

Jatropha Farming Business

This list is a little old and out of date, but it should give you a good idea of the terrible you have in store for you. Can you collocate with a feedstock supplier?

Bear in mind that you can only weed Jatropha four times in one year. You have a new reactor technology? The main advantage of these crops is, it can be grown even in poorest stony soils, cracks of the rocks.

One of the best income opportunities in Jatropha farming business is to use the harvested products as fuel. If the crop is propagated by stem cuttings, they come to flowering after 6 months of plantation which is earlier than the crop propagated through seeds.

Harvesting Once the plant has reached the harvesting stage, see to it that you collect the products properly. When it comes to use of Jatropha, all parts of shrub can be used as input to traditional medicine as well as raw material for pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

How much money do you need? Farmers can use bio-diesel for operating oil engines for pumping water and operating small machinery for other purposes.

To sum up, for your biodiesel business plan you need to decide on a feedstock and get a signed feedstock supply agreement. In order to induce secondary branches on the plant, the terminal growing twig should be pinched.

Make sure that the equipment manufacturer has a strong warrantee and post sale support.

The economic life of Jatropha tree is years. Seed rate depends on variety, on an average, 6 to 7 kg of seed will cover 1 hectare land. Once in 10 years, the Jatropha plant should be cut leaving 1 feet height from ground level for rejuvenation.

Jatropha crop will not compete with any other crop and supplements the profits. This does not require much water and will come up in low rainfall areas as well. Final Note of Jatropha Cultivation:obtain jatropha biodiesel business plan Therefore, just save to your time and money, make the task easy and provide you with the necessary tools to more effectively analyze financial statements and make informed business decisions we have formulated various Jatropha Biodiesel farming business plans from farming to fuel based on our extensive.

Jun 09,  · I am currently working on a Jatropha cultivation business plan. This business has lot of profit in it, and needs very little investment.

What it needs is the participation of yound managers, who can spread awareness among the farmers about Jatropha and its uses. Jatropha farming business might take some time before it is established.

However, the crops are good for long term, so it can provide sustained profits to you. Jatropha farming is profitable as there is a huge demand for mass production of seeds for bio-diesel. In India, Jatropha is grown in almost all the state as a live fence for protection of agricultural crops from being damaged by cattle or goat or sheep as these animals don not eat Jatropha plants.

Biodiesel Business Plan

For Sheep and Goat Farming Business: Read. We can help you write the best biodiesel business plan for your business. We specialize in writing business plans for renewable energy companies. obtain jatropha farming business plan At CJP we are uniquely placed with our experience, our expertise and our capabilities to exploit the opportunities that the Jatropha Plantation economy presents and accordingly we have developed different Jatropha farming business plans covering all standard components of a business plan as below: .

Jatropha farming business plan
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