Individual global market research case study analysis

Electronic Calculators, Mathematics Training Methods: In order to provide a holistic view of the market reaction, Decision Analyst partnered in designing and implementing a research program that provided insights.

Marketing Research Design and Methods The research was conducted among a representative sample of females in four of the countries where the company distributes its products. Brand extension in FMCG If you have one of the oldest brands in the country, sometimes this can be as restrictive as it can be profitable, because no-one wants you to mess around with it.

A major retailer needed a way to better understand the experiences of their customers in a timely and cost-efficient manner. We explored the use of the open-source R Language to develop alternative types of predictive models for retail-site sales forecasting.

The model was used to identify key drivers of sales and indicators of store performance, enabling the client to prioritize stores for improvement initiatives. A manufacturer created a new product line that was targeted to children aged 6 to Conjoint analysis demonstration Market research case studies Our market research projects are varied and cover a full range of qualitative and quantitative research techniques, but often with advanced research designs to give the maximum insight about the market, often leading to financial market models.

A global automotive fuel company tested its advertising in multiple countries to improve clarity, recall, brand registration, persuasion, and other key elements. Childcare Products and Accessories Methods: The client was looking for new ways in which to grow and add value to its business.

However, this new package design still needed some fine-tuning. A major multinational cosmetics manufacturer sought a celebrity spokesperson to use across global markets.

Using our Quality of Service Review, we provided the tools so that this leading component supplier could talk and and quantify their quality of their relationships.

The findings supported strategic decisions regarding the level and timing of advertising and promotional spending. Thomas by emailing jthomas decisionanalyst. The Captive Finance arm of a Global Auto Manufacturer had historically relied on a traditional approach to developing new business, utilizing the value of its automotive products as the primary conduit for attracting customers.

The results were used to develop product enhancements and new product positioning to better fit the needs and wants of the consumer. The client company used forecasted raw material prices to better control costs of production and to increase profitability. The custom index-scoring system identified viable options that resonated with the largest audiences.

The study found that a straightforward linear regression—when developed using best-practice, cross-validation techniques to select variables from a large variety of store, customer, and trade-area predictor variables—can be developed rapidly and cost-effectively using open-source, free software.

Decision Analyst used MaxDiff modeling to determine which new flavors would increase sales. Determine the incidence of the female hair segments e. A multinational automobile manufacturer sought to introduce a new vehicle into a segment of the market that technically did not exist at that time.

Forecasting consumer demand for several alternative-fuel technologies within five segments. The detailed monthly report and full analysis with recommendations helped the client gauge its success and pinpoint the most effective messages and promotions.

Decision Analyst developed a comprehensive index score based on over 15 variables and collected data simultaneously in 11 countries and in 9 languages.

Market research case studies

The engineers viewed this as an opportunity to convert checkers, chess, and similar board games into electronic versions.

A niche company specializing in childcare products and accessories tasked Decision Analyst with conducting multiphased research in order to gain a better understanding of the target market.

A large organic-foods manufacturer had to decide how to package, name, and introduce a healthier product formulation targeted to moms with young children.

Individual Global Market Research Case Study Analysis - Essay Example

Since the automobile market is intensely competitive, the rewards for being one of the creators of a new segment are large. By providing a form to be completed by those interested in a military career, data is captured that helps the military branch with recruitment. Calibration to external sales data was applied to improve the reliability of volumetric estimates.

A major consumer-packaged-goods company and a large appliance manufacturer sought to identify a compelling, differentiating positioning for its kitchen system.

Results Results provided incidence levels by product usage, target group, hair type, hair texture, and other characteristics by country. A manufacturer of products for workplace usage wanted to increase its knowledge about the path to purchase—how and why business customers buy their products—in order to effectively reach them with the right content at the right place and time.

Technological advances in communication have changed our world and our workplace is beyond question. The firm asked Decision Analyst to propose research that would lead to an improved marketing strategy to reach and convert unacculturated Hispanics in the U.

Personal Care and Grooming Methods: Look Before Leaping Category: A leading maker of health and wellness products wanted to identify barriers and opportunities in a niche market in order to improve its market position in the industry. The effect was to show that the advertising had been effective in raising brand awareness and consideration, whilst also showing the stability and replicability of the online research method.

Understand the differences in awareness, attitudes, and usage of hair care products by country.• Based on your analysis of the case, explain the value of market research in the global community.

[meteor_slideshow slideshow=”arp2″] is committed to deliver a custom paper/essay which is % original and deliver it within the deadline. · Identify the key issues for the organization in your selected case.

· Discuss possible ways the organization might address these issues. · Based on your analysis of the case, explain the value of market research in the global community. Individual Global Market Research Case Study Analysis Name: Institution: The case is based on a medium sized architectural firm that is trying to expand its ope.

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Individual. Global Market Research Case Study Analysis. Resources: Case Sperry/MacLennan Architects and Planners of Marketing Research (Aaker, Kumar, & Day): Writea 1, to 1,word case study analysis of the Sperry/MacLennan Architects and Planners ultimedescente.coms the following in your analysis: · Describe the situation discussed in the case.

Methods: Product Awareness and Usage, Global Marketing Research, Product Attributes, Customer Target Profile Summary An international innovator of premium beauty products targeted to women wanted to better understand hair care needs and product usage among females in four countries.

Individual global market research case study analysis
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