Gcse english writing a letter of complaint

This proposal is unjust, unscrupulous and immoral. In the words of Tony Blair: Thread starter 7 years ago 1 Hi tsr, this is a letter i wrote in a mock for my english gcse. Yours sincerely, David Cork.

Last year, over 2, people died in England due to motorcycle related accidents. Perhaps they think that it is our turn for a disaster; Pakistan have had floods, Australia have had tsunamis and now are going to have to endure the strain of motorcycle races! Dear Editor, I am disgusted to hear that Redbridge council are proposing to hold motorcycle races on the roads of Ilford.

Furthermore, the inevitable rise in deaths will put significant stress on our national health service. Who would really want to pay for something that they did not want in the first place? The sheer hypocrisy of this proposal is evident and the people of Ilford know it.

Is the entertainment of a select few really worthy of death? In doing so, they are hindering our pathway to success as adults, so should unequivocally be liable in the future.

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Writing question: Letter of complaint to a hotel

This proposal will only mean less money in the hands of Ilford residents, and more in the silver lined pockets of wealthy council members. If we have the necessary wherewithal to prevent this, we should act as a team and prevent this now! Teenagers cannot function in noise.

This onus is on the council to ensure that we do well are school, but they are failing to live up to their duties. The cost to the taxpayer will be almost unbearable.

Surely this should be a powerful deterrant? Any advice is really appreciated! I hope that everyone sees this, and the council comes to their senses. How do you expect us to revise when the sound of the unremitting onslaught of motorcycles pollutes our ears?

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It serves as a detrimental aspect of our soceity and will ensure the death of Ilford as a respectable town. Council tax is already reaching triple figures and, in some cases, quadruple figures.Exemplar Letter of Complaint for KS4 GCSE writing paper/5(2).

Feb 05,  · Hi tsr, this is a letter i wrote in a mock for my english ultimedescente.com was done in 30 minutes (planned and written) so please don't be too harsh. Any advice is really appreciated! Letter of complaint A letter writing task for the popular, fictional (yet faulty) Christmas toy, the Parabot.

A formal letter of complaint Students select the most appropriate sentence starts for a formal letter of complaint. Could be used as a writing frame and possible answers included.

Jul 10,  · GCSE Language exam revision: How to write the perfect letter register for HUNDREDS of FREE videos covering English, Maths and Science for GCSE and A-Level Writing a letter - GCSE English. make sure main part of letter relates to task and that you use appropriate tone.

Don't be bright and cheerful if writing to pass onbad news. Don't be bright and cheerful if writing to pass onbad news.

Gcse english writing a letter of complaint
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