Every cloud has a silver lining 2 essay

The sweet star of faith is already rising over thy grief; the clouds, all bright and shining with hues caught from heavenly skies, are no longer dark and rayless; and now, even with thy lonely bleeding heart, canst thou humbly receive the chastisement from Him who doeth all things well.

Is the spirit which held such communion with thine for ever quenched? And now the damp earth presses heavily over that cherished form; far down in the darkness and silence of the grave must the loved one remain, never more to cheer by her gentle words of love and kindness, the heart of him who so needed her sympathy and love.

See, how the black clouds settle down and press more closely around that lonely widowed one. Wilt thou not bow meekly, kiss the rod, and accept the bitter cup of bereavement, offered as it is in mercy?

Dost thou not feel upon thy tear-moistened cheek, gentle wavings of angel wings erfumed with the breath of heavenly flowers? Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining 1 January Life I can this be true in this dark world of ours, where the thick clouds of sorrow, disappointed hopes, and bereavements are continually hanging over us, obscuring even the bright star of hope; where upon every passing breeze is borne deep wailings of woe, bitter sighs ascending from bruised and broken hearts mourning over lost hopes, crushed affections, wasted love; struggling vainly for victory in the fierce battle of life; groping about in darkness to catch, if possible, one gleam of sunlight from the heavy clouds—but in vain?

And is this all? Gone, gone for ever. What on earth is now beautiful or bright since the dearest, best treasure is removed? Can the grave contain for ever the immortal part? Even now, may the happy glorified spirit of thy loved one be hovering around; think you it would return again to that perishing body of clay?

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. The all-wise Father knew thy frail heart, saw thy whole life and soul bound up in that one creature, weak and sinful like thyself; forgetful of the Creator; and wilt thou dare raise thy feeble voice against the Almighty when He removed the idol that He alone may reign?

All joyous and happy will we tune our harps anew to the praise of Him who loved us and hath given us the victory. We will write a custom essay sample on Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not Waste HIRE WRITER Henceforth will earth seem less dear, heaven nearer, and more to be desired; thy own cherished companion is there, and who can know but that her pure spirit may sometimes look down upon thee, still to encourage thy endeavours to battle manfully with life and its trials, still to cheer and console in thy hours of distress; but now, with heart and affections all purified from the dross of earth, will not the influence be more blessed than when she walked with bodily presence at thy side?

Is there no life beyond the grave? Kiss for the last time the pure forehead.Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining. Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining. rather we must be up to the challenge every day, and be prepared to see that silver lining in every dark cloud.

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Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining.

Aug 25,  · Essay Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining Cloud Computing - Words Cloud Computing Although there are concerns regarding standards, privacy and security, the benefits of cloud computing are propelling its development and implementation, and it is poised to become a major architectural shift in the industry of information technology.

Every Cloud Had A Silver Lining. Every Cloud Had A Silver Lining.: Thick and dark clouds sometimes obstruct the sun. When it happens, the surroundings darken. Cloud Computing in Small Organization Essay. improving services and processes that are ensured by IT area.

This work deals with the question of future IT development in SolveIT primarily with Cloud. Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining. or any similar topic specifically for you.

Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

Yes, thanks to our merciful Father, every cloud _has_ a silver lining, however dark the side presented to our view, ladened heavy though it be with sorrows and woes, which almost crush the life from our hearts as it presses upon us; yet there away, hidden from our. Essay about Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining Words 3 Pages “A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.".

Every cloud has a silver lining 2 essay
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