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When they started collaging, I had them put their individual folders around the perimeter Eric carle paper the room so they could access them without tripping over 10, sheets of paper.

We analyzed colors used, talked about contrast a LOT regarding textures, sizes of things, colors, values, etc. Crayons or markers can be used for drawing.

The issue is that you want them to stay organized and keep all of their pages together not strung out all over the room. Did students create a variety of textured papers using various methods presented?

Eric carle paper made black textured animal paper. Splatter painted watercolor always done on the floor in only one area. They could experiment decorating their papers with patterns, dots swirls, etc. Emphasize contrast here so the animal will show up on the background. Spray it pretty heavily and the colors bleed in incredible ways onto Eric carle paper sheet behind the coffee filter.

Were they able to see how the works were made? You could use them for any kind a creatures. One big sheet for the background and another for the animal. Share some of your papers with neighbors for more variety. Save all left over painted paper in scrap box for collage projects throughout the year.

We treated the painting of the papers purely as an abstract painting exercise. Some of the colors and patterns were to fill 18x24 sheets from side to side, top to bottom.

Following the introduction of still life painting, we switched gears to creating our own still life collages from imagination. They saw the video - we looked at books of his.

Students in Grade Two were introduced to still life artworks by many artists. The kids individually were reminded repeatedly to be responsible about getting their own pages into their individual folders. Sponge printing and gadget, too.

After that, we painted smaller sheets of colors for details they would make in their collages I just throw them all into a big box after they are dry. Also see some turtles by Eric Carle. I put one color of tempera on a paper plate and for painting utensils in each color I had pieces of sponge on a clothespin, -tips and plastic forks.

Glue to 12x18 The other issue with young kids is keeping all of their papers organized. I told them to just bring a couple of sheets of paper to their table at a time and keep going back to their folders when they were ready for more colors of paper. For more variety, they used these processes over colored construction papers.

I kept reminding them to think ahead for details We used texture sheets with hard pressed crayons painted over with watercolors. We use the coffee filter papers in radial designs to make stained glass windows with black construction paper, but we keep the paper that they bleed onto in that same scrap box with the Eric Carle paper.

How I paint my tissue papers

We used construction paper and tempera paint in the creation of these little masterpieces. We investigated various themes and subjects painted. Each of my kids painted 2 or 3 18x24 sized papers. Did students exhibit skills and craftsmanship in executing their collage? I collected the table folders on a table next to the drying rack and when the pages were dry, I just slid the pages for each table back into their table folders.

I told them realistic color was not important, just paint colors that you like and then think what colors would look good with those colors and keep building a folder of your own papers that will show contrast, but also repeat colors a bit by changing the value or use those colors in a new combination with different colors to add unity through repetition.

Eric Carle Collage

Those were also used with watercolors Prang 16 color boxes. Wet-in-wet papers stamp printed with various rubber stamps dipped into concentrated Watercolor Paint. Use contrast of Eric carle paper.

You could also have them put their whole folder on the floor under their tables. That way they had enough of one color or two to make a large animal with accent colors. I tried to stress letting some of the background color show through.Our first activity for our Eric Carle focused week is beautiful art work made using the exact method that he describes on his own website.

He created many of his pictures by simply painting and printing onto tissue paper, then cutting and. We were inspired by 1, 2, 3 to the Zoo by Eric Carle to make tissue paper art. Our first activity for our Eric Carle focused week is beautiful art work made using the exact method that he describes on his own website.

He created many of hi. Eric Carle. Eric Carle is a virtuoso at creating children's picture books and is known especially for his enormously popular stories, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Busy Spider, Lonely Firefly, Quiet Cricket, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

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After painting a least three colors of tissue paper per student suing Eric Carle's techniques, the cutting began (students can use the templates as patterns and cut many at a time.

Stencil cut out can be used to help place the shapes so no pencil lines show in the finished collage.

Eric carle paper
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