Conceptual framework about the effects of text messaging to the grammar skills of students youth

Questionnaires will be distributed to the respondents.

There is no hard learning jejemon because it has no rule. Youth send messages in shortcut form and sometimes in incorrect grammar.

Parental level of education was calculated as the mean level of education of both parents on a scale from 1 no education to 9 university education. You can text anywhere and everywhere. For new generation this might be cool, however, they are unaware of its consequences — more grammatical errors and spelling.

This new information feeds back into our starting ideas and motives, changing or reinforcing them. The result is reflected on their weaknesses in spelling, sentence construction and grammar. Modern Scourge or Opportunity?

Writing is out written speech. The conceptual paradigm shows the major parts of a system which are the input- process- output components. These studies have focused on the use of grammar in written language and have shown mixed results.

There is profile of student-respondent. Seven children included in the sample had a diagnosis of developmental dyslexia. For a number of years parents and educators blamed texting for a reason: The respondents of this are the students and the teacher. Since cell phone is easy to carry, so as text messaging, it is fast, efficient and easy to use.

The researchers will hand the questionnaires along with the letter of request to the adviser and to the Associate Dean of CAS for their approval and signature. As for Leungcollege students use text messaging for escape, affection, convenience, entertainment, coordination, and sociability.

However, Streicher stated that people have failed to see the advantages that could come from text messaging. The result of the study can serve as a guide or reference to future researchers of similar profession.

The most widely feature of cell phone is text messaging service us or more mobile phones. Few scholars insist that texting has a negative influence on standard writing, spelling and grammar Siraj and Ullahmost experimental studies maintain that texting does not pose a threat to Standard English learning and teaching.

In fact, its influence can be seen on their performances like the corruption of language and the degradation in the spelling of the youth. Thurlow shared by Shazia Aziz et al. This is so because various studies have shown superior performance on executive function tasks by bilingual children over monolingual children see [ 10 ].

Estuar said that Filipino youth use cellular phones not only for communication purposes but also for maintaining their relationships with other people. Bemoaned — To express disapproval of or regret.

Modern Scourage or Opportunity?

The impact of texting on students spelling skills

For instance, participants in a study by Drouin and Davis [ 30 ] indicated that textese was hindering their ability to remember standard English spelling. However, this is in sharp contrast to findings from several studies showing that children who used textese frequently did not perform poorly on spelling and tasks measuring literacy abilities see [ 5 ] for a review.

This encompasses all modifications at the word level e.

Efffects of Cell Phone Text Language Essay Sample

Spelling is the memorization of the words while reading is recognizing the words. The findings will lead to enhance the spelling proficiency of the students.

In addition, written language, rather than spoken language, allows children time to reread their message, think about its structure consciously and correct it if necessary. To determine if the number of years of cellular phone usage is a factor that affects the spelling and grammar skills of the respondents.

Chapter 3 and 4

The final copy of the questionnaire will be validated by the experts. This study is significant to the following: Also, many teens stay up late and text throughout the night, leading to day time fatigue and anxiety.

She added that texting feature in cellular phones provide the Filipino youth the ability to show who they are and to express what they feel.

Outcomes of some studies suggest a negative influence of textese on grammar [ 7 ].

The Influence of Texting Language on Grammar and Executive Functions in Primary School Children

Our spelling and grammar skills are important, not only academically, but also in communicating with others. Dino Cascini found out that jejemon is the by — product of shortened text messages which are polluted for those who do not really know how to spell correctly.

In order to solve the conflict between the two registers the conflict monitoring system is involved to either suppress the non-target register or select the target variety.Bibliography I. Definition of Text Messaging The word text messaging Latin word “textus” that mean technical and “misssaticum” According to the Merriam-Webster, text messaging is the sending of messages electronically from one.

correlation between the frequency in the use of texts messaging by students and the frequency of use of text massaging language in the scripts of the students.

2. Language use in SMS Messaging SMS is an abbreviation standing for “Short Message Service”. It is a technology that enables the transmission of typed text messages from a mobile.

ii Abstract The primary purpose of the present research was to gain a better understanding of how text messaging has affected adolescent communication skills. the impact of text messaging on the spelling skills of ninth and 12th grade students, ages 14 through 18, and add to the body of knowledge about the impact of text messaging on the spelling skills of adolescents in the United States.

This current research leads to the formation of the research question that guided this study on how text messaging languages influence the students writing skills. As text message or SMS is the cheapest form of communication, SMS is a communication protocol that is use to deliver a short text messages that is up to characters also it.

Effects. The flow of conceptual framework on the next page shows that peers and technology may affect the English language and proficiency of the students.

One example of the technology today is cellular phone is cellular phone in which text messaging is the most popular feature.

Conceptual framework about the effects of text messaging to the grammar skills of students youth
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