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Major Themes Critics have maintained that much of the enduring universal appeal of Death of a Salesman lies in its central theme of the failure of the American Dream.

Many characters will often attend church and talk about God. There was a strong relationship between Chris and his father, Joe. She is an upright woman who is accused of being a witch.

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Conclusion The story reminds its readers of an ugly blemish on human history. If you need a custom essay on Literature: However, sometimes, like Proctor, there might be something that forces us in. Arthur Miller on the Internet.

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In support of this claim, Robert A. He is a minister who at first believes the girls accusations but eventually sees the evil in the court.

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For example, Abigail says that John "sweated like a stallion. However, nobody knows for sure if Miller was ever struggling with suicide through his life full of problems.

Arthur Miller Research Paper

Are you looking for a top-notch custom research paper on Arthur Miller topics? The plot was exciting. Through his struggle he achieves righteousness. God forbid I take it from him! The Crucible is set against the backdrop of the mad witch hunts of the Salem witch trials in the late 17th century.

Miller also criticizes Broadway and many other plays and playwrights. This lowered the middle class population in the New York Theater. Miller directly relates himself to the salesman Willy Loman.

However, certain images as the one previously mentioned are hard to forget. John Proctor - Main character. Shortly there after he worked in a Manhattan automobile parts warehouse and realized he wanted to do something with his life.

When Elizabeth was arrested, he was forced to become part of it. At the height of McCarthyism, Miller refused to name to the infamous Committee on Un-American Activities names of his colleagues, who sympathized with the Communists. John Proctor protests but Elizabeth is taken away in chains.

The two plays of this boo have different settings and different stories. Drama Resurrection Blues has known big success in Minneapolis, while the New York Metropolitan Opera staged operatic version of the play A view from the bridge.


Structured as a modern tragedy, the play depicts the last twenty-four hours in the life of Willy Loman, a sixty-three-year-old traveling salesman, who for thirty-six years has sold his wares all over New England.

Although Miller denies that he purposely related this book to his marriage, there are obvious connections. Death of a Salesman has remained critically and commercially popular since its first performance—a fiftieth-anniversary production in won a Tony Award for Best Play Revival.

Miller is known to speak in a precise, unhurried manner. After it ran out, Miller worked for two years at the University to pay off his tuition where he washed dishes and became the night editor of the Michigan Daily.

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Arthur Miller Research Essay Words | 5 Pages Arthur Miller Research Essay Arthur Miller was an American playwright who wrote plays such as “The Crucible” and “Death of a Salesman” because he thought theatre could change the world.

Arthur miller research essay
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