An obsession of the ocean

I hope everyone gets to read this before they waist their money. If I was to go deep sea fishing again, I would probably only do a half day trip. We do not let anyone take up more than 1 spot.

They booked too many people on our trip, and lines were constantly getting crossed. Check to see if there is still a groupon available!

Ocean Obsession, Port Canaveral: Hours, Address, Ocean Obsession Reviews: 5/5

The guys helping you will bait your hook, untangle your lines, and pretty much give you the shirt off their An obsession of the ocean so you can have a great time.

You live and you learn. Called a month before our trip to Florida from Michigan to book the trip. As other reports indicate, the crew was very accommodating, the food was good and everything was just excellent for the inexperienced angler.

You could easily spot the veterans because they were the people who brought their own coolers of bait, or rods and reels. Did a little fishing showing off a lbs.

The obsession has all the latest marine electronics used by top captains today to keep you safe and find fish fast! The loss of fish stocks in the Gulf of Thailand and Adaman Sea have sent Thai fisheries to Asia and Africa, where they utilize illegal vessels and trawl nets to continue to meet export quotas.

The one I used had almost no grip above the reel. This is a difficult business to rate. We decided to try the night shark fishing. Because from the very min you speak to the ladies in the office, to meeting your captain on the boat, the deck hands and helpers, and down to the very chef that they have on board, everyone is absolutely friendly, helpful, and a lot of fun!

They provided breakfast and lunch. They were all taken again, so I ask the deckhand, how is this possible? A few people ended up with some smallish mangrove snappers, which are pretty good eating.

Lol have fun and thanks again guys!!

Obsession Fishing Charters

These guys even brought their own extra poles and were trying to take extra spots around them so no one could fish by them, they had to give up some spots only because it was a full boat and every spot was accounted for.

Why so friendly with the 5 stars? When you fish as much as they do you tend to get very good at it. However, everything about the trip exceeded expectations. I fish enough to know that decent bottom fishing exists within half of mile of any shoreline.

The boat was nice. A few people were on hot streaks and caught plenty of fish Trigger fish, Sea Bass, and even a big Cobia. Learn more 27 reviews.

Daughter hooked two sharks and the hubby reeled one up some. I respect their decision and applaud them for being compassionate, kind, and dedicated to their customers. The were 44 fishermen and 4 crew. They are sharp, quick-handedprofessional, and funny.


To learn more about how you can save endangered species such as the bluefin tuna and help preserve the marine environment for future generations, read up on the articles below: That was thoughtful and very nice.

And many of the fishing rods were in bad shape. This would have been a problem if I had caught anything big. The trip includes a hot breakfast and lunch cooked by the crew on board and it was tasty, several choices to choose from.

We may have grown accustomed to thinking of the oceans as a vast, unlimited reservoir of seafood and other resources, but given the increasingly imperiled state of our oceans and all of the creatures who inhabit themthis attitude needs to change.

Bottom Fishing

The crew was nice, the service was friendly and they gave an overall great first experience. Half way through the trip there was a situation that caused the crew to decide to return to shore early. We did the Wednesday night 4-hour Shark Trip. They do a great job keeping everyone supplied with bait, and they do a stellar job of cleaning the deck and gunwales to keep things as hygienic as possible.

I would rate the experience as excellent.The “Obsession” rates are as follows. Give Brent a call to discuss if you are interested in having a superb time on the ocean, catching many fish with one of the areas most knowledgable captains.

Obsession Fishing Charters was started in out of Port Canaveral Florida, from what is now known as Sunrise Fish, Dive, Surf. The business expanded in to include a head boat fishing vessel, Ocean Obsession II. Guest began visiting us from all over the country as they would visit Orlando to see Disney World.4/4(27).

Highly sophisticated and aggressive commercial fishing methods such as radar, long line fishing, bottom trawling, and the usage of purse seine nets frequently devastate large areas of the ocean by removing far more fish than was intended.

Luna Fae's Ocean Obsession shared Sirènes / Mermaids / Creature of the ocean / Fantasy art Pictures's post. Sci-fi writer H.P. Lovecraft once said that the ocean "is more ancient than the mountains, and freighted with the memories and the dreams of Time." We land-dwellers can sometimes take the ocean for granted, but we really shouldn't, since the Earth's surface is.

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An obsession of the ocean
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