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Consuming Nature: A Photo Essay on African Rain Forest Exploitation

Now, for the first time in a lavishly illustrated book, Birute Galdikas, the worlds leading authority on orangutans, offers a rich picture of their life based on her intimate observation of hundreds of the animals in their native habitat; she spends as much as six months every year in her research camp at the edge of Tanjung Puting National Park near Kalimantan, Borneo.

This is one of the most unusual and moving stories of animal behavior. A portion of the proceeds of this book will be donated by the publisher to the Great Ape Project. The close relationship of apes to humans raises important ethical questions.

More shocking revelations, while not new, nevertheless still captivate, especially as they relate to human behavior: African consuming essay exploitation forest nature photo rain are out of print but almost all are still available.

Unlike a number of books which focus entirely on the mountain gorilla, Insight Topics: He then explores the natural history and conservation status of African elephants and discusses the politics of ivory.

The photographs move from the purely aesthetic to the informative, depicting animals who are at once enigmatic, individual, mysterious, elusive, and iconic. All they can do is wander across the plains in search of food and drink, as the little elephants struggle to keep up.

She then delves into each of the great apes in detail, exploring and examining what we know about them, providing her own interpretations of the latest research, and offering comparisons among the different species. This volume and all volumes in the Developments in Primatology book series, aim to broaden and deepen the understanding of this valuable cause.

Maasai Mara features more than full-colour pages, a photographic portfolio that stirs the senses and brings the reader into a fascinating world that once experienced, will not soon be forgotten.

It follows the elephants on their dangerous search for food and water, and capturing their heart-wrenching moments of loss as well as their days of joy. Great Apes and Humans is the first book to present a spectrum of viewpoints on human responsibilities toward great apes.

Millions of herbivores throng the grasslands and with them is an array of predators, scavengers, and parasites. Are they better protected in the wild or in zoos? The results of her knowledge inform the lively and fascinating text of this remarkable book. She has succeeded not only in rescuing several hundred wild born orangutans previously held as pets or in substandard zoos, but also in studying the life cycles and behavior of both wild and semiwild animals, with particular attention to mothers and their young.

He even wrestles in the mud with his favorite cousin. The photos are not always pleasant, some are tragically sad, others downright shocking. Museveni, First Lady of Uganda. Subsisting on fruit, leaves, and other vegetation, they interact very little with other animals and pose a threat to none.

Although this provocative book contains many different opinions, the uniting concern of the contributors is the safety and well-being of great apes. As readers will discover, orangutans are tender and caring mothers, highly intelligent adults, and successful and adaptive tree-canopy dwellers.

First published in by APA Publications. One hundred and twenty-five photographs, taken on location in the dense forests of Borneo and the tree top canopies of Africa by wildlife photographer Karl Ammann, illustrates the lives and behaviors of these creatures.

The final chapter ponders their fate, under imminent threat from civil wars and deforestation, indiscriminate hunting, and the use of gorilla body parts as fetishes and souvenirs. Great Ape Odyssey offers not only a compelling overview of what we have learned about these humanlike animals, but in turn, and perhaps more importantly, what they can teach us about ourselves.

Come along and share his adventures. Like Jane Godall, the pioneering student of chimpanzees who has written an enthusiastic introduction, and Dian Fossey, a leading authority on gorillas, Galdikas was inspired and encouraged in her study of this elusive primate by the renowned Dr.

Modern-day visitors will be no less disappointed. The region, with its vast landscapes, native culture and profusion of wildlife, held an endless fascination for him.

Here, in marvelous sequences, the reader can follow the stalk, the hunt, and the kill of the lion, cheetah, wild dog, and many other animals.

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They threaten no man and kill only for food. First published in by University of California Press Eating Apes is an eloquent book about a disturbing secret: What happened to Gorilla Gorilla Uellensis? Leakey First published in by Apa Publications HK Ltd This book has the rare distinction of being the first to cover all three subspecies of the gorilla, painstakingly photographed over an 8-year period by award winning wildlife photographer Karl Ammann.

But Galdikas has persisted under extraordinarily difficult physical conditions. A constant drum beat throughout Great Ape Odyssey is the ever-present, and unfortunately mounting, threat of extinction in the face of an alarming loss of habitat, spread of disease, and a dramatic rise in the bushmeat trade.

Should they be used in biomedical research" Should they be afforded the same legal protections as humans? Abrams, Incorporated Mythologized since the days of Aristotle, few creatures have captured popular imagination more completely than the so-called great apes-gorillas, chimpanzees including bonobosand orangutans.

If any appear unavailable you may often find them by searching several sites; try Bookfinder or AddAll. Yet our understanding of these apes as the "blood kin" of humans-nearly identical in biological composition and strikingly similar in so many behaviors-has been much disputed over the years, and it has taken over a century of research and scientific discoveries to dispel the Victorian notion and portrayal of these animals as savage, aggressive, fearful beasts.

For instance, we learn that male gorillas make terrific fathers; that bonobos probably have more sex than any other creature on the planet, giving new meaning to the words, "You had me at hello"; and that while neither chimpanzees nor orangutans can swim, they have no fear of water, and in fact seem to enjoy it.consuming nature a photo essay on african rain forest exploitation nature of man: the nature of remembering essays in honor of robert g racehorse codes illustrated racehorse codes illustrated scientific levering and nature.

Consuming Nature, A Photo Essay on African Rain Forest Exploitation. Altisma.

Used - Very Good. Great condition for a used book! Minimal wear. The major threats to CRG existence include, but are not limited to, forest loss, habitat fragmentation, and timber exploitation. The CRG have been hunted heavily in the past (Bergl ) and, although hunting seems to have subsided, any minimal level of off-take could be detrimental to the survival of the remaining population (McFarland ).

Thomas M. Butynski is the author of Consuming Nature ( avg rating, 0 ratings, 0 reviews, published ) Thomas M. Butynski is the author of Consuming Nature ( avg rating, 0 ratings, 0 reviews, published ) A Photo Essay on African Rain Forest Exploitation by.

Anthony L. Rose.

Consuming Nature: A Photo Essay on African Rain Forest Exploitation Anthony L. Rose, Russell A. Mittermeier, Olivier Langrand, Okyeame Ampadu-Agyei, Thomas M.

Butynski, Karl Ammann Published by Altisima Press (). CONSUMING NATURE: A PHOTO-ESSAY ON AFRICAN RAIN FOREST EXPLOITATION A Preview of the First Edition January, Anthony L. Rose, Ph.D.

– 1st Author and Publisher Biosynergy Institute / Altisima Press.

African consuming essay exploitation forest nature photo rain
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