A paper on section b citizens and customer charters

Improves cleanliness and physical space in the office Solves maximum complaints immediately on receipt. Their resistance to change within Bureaucracy itself which was given the task for delivery of Services. In most cases they had done just form filling exercise as observed by Public Accounts Committee.

It leads to citizen friendliness and citizen convenience It is citizen friendly and convenient Increases morality in administration Raises efficiency and effectiveness in public delivery system. It is a service delivery excellence model which provides assessment improvement framework.

Eliminates fire-fighting style of working. Charters are rarely updated according to changing needs and technology. The Charters need to be made more explicit and forthcoming in specifying commitments and offering mechanisms and procedures to ensure the implementation and monitoring of commitments if these were to be realized and the nature of organization changed to make it more citizen-centric.

Eliminates outdated activities, wastage of money and resources. Grievance procedures and monitoring need to be developed. Time norms for other activities, as may be prescribed, shall also be observed.

chinese and japanese citizens Essay Examples

Reduces causes of complaints, corruption and negligence. Our Expectations uphold and respect the laws of the land voluntarily discharge all tax liabilities fulfill their duties and legal obligations in time be honest in furnishing information be co-operative and forthright in inquiries and verifications avoid unnecessary litigation.

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Our Key Functions and Services Regulatory Functions Levy and collection of Customs and Central Excise duties and Service Tax Registration and monitoring of units manufacturing excisable goods and service providers Receipt and scrutiny of declarations and returns filed with the department Prevention of smuggling and combating evasion of duties and service tax Enforcement of border control on goods and conveyances Assessment, examination and clearance of imported goods and export goods Implementation of export promotion measures Clearance of international passengers and their baggage Resolution of disputes through administrative and legal measures Sanction of refund, rebate and drawback Realization of arrears of revenue Audit of assessments for ensuring tax compliance.

Benchmarking of operations and adopting best practices Enhancing the use of information technology Streamlining Customs, Central Excise and Service Tax procedures by employing modern techniques like risk management, non- intrusive inspections and accredited clients facilitation Evolving cooperative initiatives with other government and private agencies and building partnerships with trade, industry and other stakeholders Measuring conformance to service delivery standards Developing professionalism through capacity building.

Absence of penal provisions in case of non implementation of the spirit of charter. OUR COMMITMENT be at the service of the country and its citizens work to uphold the economic security and sovereignty of the country make our procedures and transactions as transparent as possible encourage and assist voluntary tax compliance carry out our tasks with: Service Functions Dissemination of information on law and procedures through electronic and print media Enabling filing of declarations, returns and claims through online services.

Model has been developed with the overarching objective of improving the quality of public service delivery in the country. It had the provision of Redressal mechanism in case of default.

It has three modules.

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It should be made legally binding. Vision Our Vision is to provide an efficient and transparent mechanism for collection of indirect taxes and enforcement of cross border controls with a view to encourage voluntary compliance.

Mission Our Mission is to achieve excellence in the formulation and implementation of Customs, Central Excise and Service Tax laws and procedures aimed at: Traditional culture of secrecy. Compliance levels shall be gradually enhanced through close monitoring, standardization of processes, use of IT enabled services etc.

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a tool to address Customer Relations Management 1 White Paper on Local Government () Section B: Developmental Local Government: Section 4 Citizens Charters as a way to improve customer care in municipalities By Zenobia Africa (ODA).

The Citizen's Charter Research Paper 95/66 Since then, forty charters have been published, setting the standards of service that individuals have a right to expect from the full range of public services. This Research Paper summarises each of these, and provides a short London Underground Customer's Charter 39 Benefits Agency.

chinese and japanese citizens essay examples from trust writing service EliteEssayWriters. Get more argumentative, persuasive chinese and japanese citizens essay samples and other research papers after sing up. Key to a citizen charter is an organisations commitment to the customer about the quality of its services the customer can expect.

Citizen charter is a policy term, Organizations generally opt for a strategy of involving citizens (and entrepreneurs) in implementing the section on front line staff) and a representative sample of those.

8) Citizen charters, which are also known as Service charters play an important role in improving public service delivery. Examine the benefits and limitations of the charters.

A paper on section b citizens and customer charters
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